I switched back to OpenBSD

~10 Years ago I used OpenBSD on my desktop daily from version 3.9 to 4.2.

After this years on OpenBSD, i switched back to Debian and after that I used Arch Linux for almost 7 years. Weeks ago, I followed @romanzolotarev and saw this tweet:

RT if you use #OpenBSD on desktop.

My first thought was, “nice… he use OpenBSD on his desktop”. But not more. I saw tweets about OpenBSD from him day after day and someday I thought something like:

Hey, I could also try OpenBSD again.

I searched for OpenBSD stuff around the web and found articles like this, that and after I reading about it, I try it again.

Last weekend, I downloaded the current 6.2 release and installed it.

Now I running OpenBSD on my ThinkPad again daily.

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