I switched back to OpenBSD

I used OpenBSD on my desktop for around 2 years daily from 3.9 to 4.2.

The reason I tried OpenBSD 3.9 was this YouTube Video:
Installing OpenBSD in five minutes (This is not the original video from back then but the same).

Today I can’t remember why I switched back from OpenBSD to Debian, but I used OpenBSD for around two years on my desktop daily, and I liked it for the simplicity, documentation and KISS principle.

Weeks ago, I followed @romanzolotarev on Twitter. He writes a lot about OpenBSD on his blog.

Someday, I saw this tweet and I thought about to try OpenBSD again.

RT if you use #OpenBSD on desktop.

I downloaded the current OpenBSD 6.2 release and installed it :).

I wrote some articles related to OpenBSD: