Here is my small, simple micro-blog about my personal life. I will share everything from what I learned, my experience with technology and other daily struggles. I'm keeping it lite and straightforward. You can follow what I post here using my RSS feed.

Mechanical Keyboard ASMR.

I never thought I would say that sentence, but I uploaded something to my Soundcloud.

Filewatcher in Golang

I wrote a little tool in Golang to move files from directory 'a' to 'b'

Winter is here

I think winter is now officially here.

URL in C

An interesting C puzzle I read weeks ago, maybe you might find it amusing.

Color scheme

I wanted a new color scheme for this page. I tried some generators but in the end, I used 4-5 different colors I liked on other pages.

I'm microblogging

Some weeks ago, I started microblogging here. At first it was just an experiment, but I like it and I think I am going to stick with it.


Brouwersdam Strand

I grew up here

There is a trend on Twitter where people post screenshots of their childhood games with the words "I grew up here". Here is mine.

OWO - A fuzzy string transformer written in Golang.

Huohhhh. fuwwy stwing twansfowmew ;3

Unicode block

Sometimes when I’m bored, I put � in online forms, just because I know that somewhere in the world a developer is about to go crazy.