Manuel Wildauer

I'll admin it: I'm Manuel, also known as int9h in some parts of the internet.

I'm a software developer for many years, I run OpenBSD and using Arch Linux. I'm an INTP, a slow thinker and try to be a minimalist.

What I'm doing now?

I have a /now page for this and if you have your own site, you should make one too.

Software that I use

@wesbos created a awesome-uses repository on GitHub. Here is mine


Contact me

I love hearing from people around the world so send an email or ping me on Twitter.

If you have any questions or feedback that other people might be interested in as well, try int9h/AskMeAnything. Asking a question is as easy as creating a new issue on this project. Check out the Closed Issues filter on this repository to browse questions I've answered in the past.